Wake Forest Finding Success with the Hsp70 project
Sep 19, 2015 (02:09:38)

Researchers at Wake Forest have found a new treatment that may delay the onset of symptoms and increase the lifespan for those who are afflicted with ALS. The study was conducted in the mutant SOD1 mouse model of ALS and plan to continue to modify purification protocols, dosage studies in mice, and seek independent confirmation of effect. These studies will provide essential pre-clinical results so they can apply to move forward to patient studies (apply for an IND with the USFDA).

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Another Year of Funding (Wake Forest)
Sep 02, 2015 (08:09:05)

Wake Forest Baptist Health intends to provide another year of funding for the HSP70 project in Dr. Carol Milligan's lab. This money is intended to help cover the cost of a dose response trial in mice and to develop a reliable detection assay for the HSP70 protein.

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Welcome to Blazeman's War on ALS®!

A Multi-Sport Movement to End Lou Gehrig's Disease

BlazemanThe Blazeman Foundation for ALS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is a family foundation that serves to carry out the vision of its namesake and founder, the late Jonathan "Blazeman" Blais. Contributions to the foundation are tax deductible.

The mission of the Blazeman Foundation for ALS is 1) to raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy, commitment and compassion of the multi-sport community and 2) to raise necessary funds to be directed into cutting-edge scientific research to find treatments and an eventual cure for ALS..."So Others May Live®".

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